Zaadnoordijk vergroot haar productiecapaciteit opnieuw.

Fase II. Eerste paal geslagen voor tweede uitbreiding van Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders

Heerenveen – In maart 2018 is de eerste paal geslagen voor de tweede nieuwe productie hal van Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders. Begin 2017 is de eerste nieuwe productiehal in gebruik genomen, nu is het de beurt aan de tweede nieuwe hal. De productie capaciteit wordt in totaal uitgebreid naar 5000 m2. Daarnaast zijn de kantoren van de werf geheel vervangen waardoor ook daar meer ruimte is ontstaan.

Jan Muller, eigenaar en directeur van Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders; “We merken dat de vraag naar grotere modellen, in het hogere segment, in zowel de internationale zeil- als de motorboten markt toeneemt. Met deze uitbreiding van de productiecapaciteit hebben we nu de mogelijkheid polyester schepen te ontwikkelen en turnkey te bouwen tot 60 ft. Met deze investering kunnen we de marktvraag nog beter bedienen”.


Vanqraft 16 - Fun machine.

The revolutionary Vanqraft 16 is a crossover between a superyacht tender and a water scooter. Stand at the helm of this spacious, five-metre-long beauty and enjoy the thrill of a genuinely unique craft in the company of up to five guests.

The product of in-depth market research and discussions with clients, the Vanqraft 16 combines excellent manoeuvrability, exceptional comfort compared to other water scooters and first-rate technology. It is easy to see that this tender is a true Vanquish, even from a distance. And like a true Vanquish, we can adapt each Vanqraft 16 to your personal tastes.

Driven by a 200 hp Yamaha 1.8 L engine with jet propulsion, you can easily achieve 40 knots. Or you might opt for a Veloce version and feel the power of roaring along at more than 50 knots. Either way, you can also sail in reverse when required, adding to the flexibility.

The Vanqraft 16 is powerful enough to tow a variety of toys, including water skis, banana boats and wakeboards. At the same time she is equally well-suited as a functional tender for superyachts. The jet drive is built flat into the hull, which makes it easy to fit into any tender garage.

Get ready for some serious fun….

New C-Yacht line

C-Yacht Concept 42ac & 47ac

New C-Yacht line created by clients, together with Dykstra Naval Architects


Designer’s comments

C-Yacht 47 has been designed as a comfortable and safe cruising yacht. No comprises were done on sailing performance. The cockpit is equipped in such a way that it easy to handle the sails. No matter if you are sailing with a crew or sailing on your own. Jeroen de Vos, Dykstra Naval Architects



Regarding the interior design an abundance of choice is offered: 18 different variants can be realised. Clients can, for instance, choose between a 2-cabin or 3-cabin version with spacious beds, which may or may not include a ship owner’s cabin at the bow of the ship. Furthermore, several lounge designs are possible. Same goes for the shower unit.

International survey

Development of the ships was based upon the results of a large-scale international survey, conducted last year by the shipyard under the name C-Yacht Concept. 1200 clients participated in that survey. Reason why it is safe to state that this type of ship was developed by sailors and for sailors from most different countries around the world, with a respective big variety of cruising areas: A rather unique and innovative approach to modern yacht design.

C-Yacht 42-47 front wide
C-Yacht 42-47 white with gray trim
C-Yacht 42-47 cockpit wide
C-Yacht 42-47 deck layout
C-Yacht 42-47 deck view

Naam website

The new DutchCat built by Zaadnoordijk Yachtbuilders

DutchCat Twelve

DutchCat is a new brand of ship, born of the idea that it should be possible to build a ship that, in its class, is uncompromising, user friendly and environment friendly.  The DutchCatTwelve is 12.55 metres long and 4.90 metres wide. This is remarkably wide compared to its length. The height above waterline is 3.35 m and its draught is just 0.8 m. It offers remarkable standing room: 2.20 m in the saloon and bathrooms and 2.10 m in the cabins.Main Deck

The entire flat floor area of the aft deck and saloon covers some 30 m2. Of this, 23 m2 can be designed entirely according to your wishes, including the kitchen layout.

The first DutchCatTwelve will be ready mid 2016. Check this site regularly to stay up to date of all DutchCatTwelve news and developments.

DutchCat Twelve nominated for election as DUTCH Powerboat of the Year 2017 and nominated for election as EUROPEAN Powerboat of the Year 2017